29 countries in the world with the longest lifespan

Local communities in the best countries don’t have a fountain of youth, but they live relatively long for some common reasons. These people found prosperity not just in material wealth, but in balanced diet, recreation, and spirit.

Societies that nurtured the simple things in life live the healthiest. Far&Wide identifies 29 countries where people have lived the longest, drawing on findings from the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, the CIA’s World Factbook and Project Blue Zones. The reports have rounded up some of the countries with the highest life expectancies, where citizens are over the average age of 75.

Most also have high concentrations of centenarians, those who have reached the age of 100. Some even higher (up to 110 years), appropriately called supercentenarians.

Secret fountains of youth

The following countries are great places to consider when traveling, especially if you like to take a sip from the fountain of youth firsthand.

29. Barbados

Barbados is last on the list with the oldest residents, where people prioritize faith and family. According to the Blue Zones Project, “knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to seven years of extra life expectancy.”

28. Costa Rica

Thanks to their life planwhich means “reasons to live”, the people of Costa Rica live on average to be 78.7 years old.

27. Greece

Known for their extraordinarily healthy diets, the national average life expectancy reaches 80.7 years. Blue Zone researchers have also found that their inhabitants are “super healthy” and that diseases like dementia, cancer and cardiovascular disease are very rare.

26. Bermuda

Famous for its pink sand beaches, Bermuda also has one of the highest life expectancies on Earth.

25. Netherlands

The nation generally supports healthy aging by implementing standards to foster community and encourage healthy eating habits.

24. Anguilla

As a self-governing British Overseas Territory, the people of Anguilla are long-lived due to the general vibe of the island, with fresh and healthy seafood in abundance.

23. Monegasque

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, but still has the highest life expectancy. The people of this small country are religious and family-oriented, and find pleasure in relaxing outdoors.

22. Austria

As the second richest country in the European Union, it is normal for citizens here to enjoy a long life, especially with reliable health care. Their culture is focused on a healthy work-life balance.

21. Spain

Spaniards love siestas and siestas, which is why they are usually well rested.

20. Jersey

Longevity in Jersey is attributed to the mild weather and direct access to the sea.


Canadians focus on good mental and physical health, which helps them into old age. The country ranks 16th in Bloomberg’s World’s Healthiest Nations report and 9th in the World Happiness Report.


The locals here are big on healthy living. Given its “quite mountainous” location, Liechtenstein offers its people plenty of clean, fresh air to breathe and excellent terrain for practicing outdoor sports.

17. Norway

Norwegians attribute their longevity to their diet of heart-healthy seafood. They believe that living long also helps to be joyful. Norway ranks third among the happiest countries in the world.


A place of culture and active lifestyles, the French also eat very healthily, contributing to very low rates of heart disease and obesity.

15. Sweden

According to OECD data, Swedes tend to live two years longer than people in any other country, with access to high-quality drinking water.

14. Italy

The Beautiful Vita, or the good life is a common expression of the Italians. Residents have access to fruits, vegetables and other farm-fresh produce.

13. Australia

It is important for locals to spend time in nature.


With many socio-economic advantages, Luxembourg also has the highest overall life expectancy.

11. South Korea

Speaking of strong economy, South Korea ranks tenth with the highest life expectancy. This is largely due to a healthy lifestyle, low smoking rates and a diet focused on fish, rice, soybeans and fermented vegetables (kimchi) – the new “superfood” according to WeForum.

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The 10 healthiest

10. Israel

Israel shares the same national life expectancy with South Korea, where the Mediterranean diet, family-centered communities and warm weather increase the impressive longevity of its citizens.

9. Switzerland

The nation is largely committed to being neutral in conflict (and loves soul-feeding chocolate). The population is also generally very wealthy economically.

8. Guernsey

People here benefit from old age because most of them can afford to spend on healthy food, gym memberships, health care, and other forms of personal care.

7. Andorra

Life expectancy here is exceptionally high, where residents enjoy easy access to healthy food and high-quality medical care.

6.Hong Kong

Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s high life expectancy comes as a surprise, given that it’s the densest major urban area in the world and a major contributor to extreme pollution.

5. Iceland

Some of the happiest people on the planet live in Iceland, which even ranks 4th in the World Happiness Report.

4. San Marino

One of the oldest republics in the world where people enjoy fresh air and beautiful countryside for outdoor activities.

3. Macau

People in the country have access to financial security.

2. Singapore

With growing economic prosperity over the past three decades and excellent health care, Singapore is the second-longest-lived country.

1. Japan

Finally, the Japanese are undoubtedly long-lived, as they are accustomed to the sense of ikigaior reason to live, promoting health and happiness.

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