ABC Alpha for Life Canada Expands Family Financial Literacy Program

The new manual, titled friendship bracelets, includes a story and four new activities that teach children how to count money and calculate taxes. It can be downloaded for free from in English, French, and Simplified Chinese. This latest manual brings the total number of modules to 16, six of which focus on family financial literacy.

In addition to the downloadable manual, several short accompanying video lessons are available. The videos were recorded by volunteer HSBC employees reading stories and walking through activities, providing a more interactive learning experience.

The HSBC Family Literacy First was created in 2015 to bring parents and children together to have fun while learning as a family. The program offers over 85 free downloadable stories and activities for families with children ages 6-11, with many resources focused on family financial literacy.

Along with the release of the new manual and videos, a new prize was launched earlier this month – the HSBC Fund for Family Literacy First – which recognizes Canadian organizations that make significant contributions to the field of family financial literacy.

This award honors programs that enable families to develop financial literacy skills together and serves as a model for other organizations to adapt. Canadian not-for-profit organizations and registered charities can apply for one of four $2,500. The prize may be invested in the program and/or applied to improving the program.

“We are delighted that HSBC Bank Canada continues to support the advancement of financial literacy for families in Canada,” said Alison Howard, CEO of ABC Alpha for Life Canada. “With this year’s new award and learning resources, literacy organizations across the country can continue to help families improve their financial literacy skills. Through family financial literacy, parents can gain the confidence to make wise financial decisions for their families, and children learn the importance of budgeting and money management from an early age.”

“It’s exciting to see the release of the new free version HSBC Family Literacy First workbook,” says David Kuobranch network manager Ontario. “It’s so important that young people and families are offered the tools to learn financial literacy in order to develop their own money management skills.”

The HSBC Fund for Family Literacy First the application period runs from May 16 to July 4, 2022.

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