Barcelona’s latest initiative to get out of its economic crisis which has Messi as its protagonist

Home »Health» Barcelona’s latest initiative to come out of its economic crisis that has Messi as protagonist December 26, 2021 Barcelona has had a striking initiative to raise funds. Photos: REUTERS / Albert Gea

The negative impact of the release of its maximum emblem, Lionel messi, to Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in the past the European pass market has generated Barcelona a negative impact of 137 million euros between the fall of sponsors, the sale of annual tickets to Camp Nou or the marketing of t-shirts.

The consultant “Brand financing” He felt that with the departure of the star from Rosario (forced by the club, as the player did not want to leave and agreed to cut his salary in everything the club offered), Barcelona have lost as much as 11% of the mark, estimated at € 1,266m, still in second place among all the football teams in the world and just behind Real Madrid (1,276 million).

In this context, the Catalan entity has had a significant initiative to increase its portfolio during the period of Christmas. It is that on the official website of the institution they were put on sale the old products you used The chip during his glory days in Barcelona. The most striking element is the shirt the Rosario star wore during the 2013/14 season with the autographs of Leo, Xavi e Iniesta. It’s a resource that appeals to the nostalgic value of the institution’s best times, when Blaugrana were the lord and ruler of the soccer world. The price? 2,950 euros. A figure much higher than current clothing which is between 90 and 145 euros.

In addition, supporters can also buy a 2020/21 edition jersey (the last the striker was at the club before leaving for France) which also bears the signature of the best player on the planet. 1,170 euros. And as if that wasn’t enough, in the official store you can buy the captain’s armbands that Messi wore with the footballer’s autograph. 643.50 euros.

The old products that Barcelona sells

By the sole heading of commercial income, the Barcelona suffered a loss of 77million, as well as an additional 17million due to the loss of match-day sales (an item known as Match day) and an additional 43 million, in t-shirt sales, of which 80 percent corresponded to Argentina.

On the other hand, The Catalan entity is estimated to have lost 40 million subscriptions to see the team in the stadium as 26,238 members withdrew after Messi left..

On Christmas days, Barca had an initiative that revealed their economic crisis. The club needs the money. And to start charging, he looked to his glory days. When Messi wore the Blaugrana jersey.


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