BG Board Approves Economic Development Review | News

Bowling Green Council approved a new revision to the Economic Development section of the city’s master plan, which had not been updated since 1998.

According to a legislative document prepared for council at last week’s meeting, the revised document was drafted by Bowling Green’s executive director of economic development, Kati Thompson, following a six-month strategic planning process. which involved “feedback (and) a wide range of input from area business leaders, city government, and Bowling Green State University.” The plan is more concise and strategic for several reasons,” the document continues.

The more recent, much shorter, one-page project is written to compete with recent planning documents and processes.

Second, in recognition of the rapidly changing economic development environment and to reduce the frequency of updates associated with too much detail, the plan takes a broader look at the city’s approach to economic development. .

Finally, the focus on general objectives will provide useful guidance for decision-making in economic development.

The Board approved the revision with two modifications.

First, it accepted the planning commission’s recommendation to include the additional point of identifying redevelopment opportunities in the section on major economic development efforts.

Second, he endorsed a review by Councilman Bill Herald, which he said he discussed with Thompson beforehand, adding the word “appropriate” to a section of goals on sustainable economic growth. The amended portion now reads: “The City of Bowling Green attracts, retains and facilitates the expansion of suitable industrial, professional and commercial enterprises.”

Also at the meeting, the board:

• I learned from Director of Planning Heather Sayler that the next public discussion of the city’s ongoing project to revise its zoning code will take place at the Planning Commission meeting on June 1 in 7 p.m. in the Simpson Building.

• Learned from Sustainability Coordinator Amanda Gamby that she expects the city’s greenhouse gas emissions inventory to be substantially complete and presented to council by June.

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