Boosting Tourism Through Aceh Drumming Festival 2022

TEMPO.CO, Banda Aceh – Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno said that the 2022 Aceh The drumming festival helps boost tourism promotion in Indonesia’s westernmost province.

“This event is the effort of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to improve the quality of organizing activities, boost tourism promotion and strengthen creative tourism,” Sandiaga Uno said in her virtual speech during the event. opening of the 2022 Aceh Drumming Festival held at Bustanussalatin Park on Saturday. night.

Aceh Percussion’s theme “Jewels in Serambi Country” is successfully included in one of the Nusantara Charisma (KEN) 2022 events of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

“We appreciate the Aceh government, especially the Aceh Culture and Tourism Authority and all parties involved in supporting the implementation of Aceh Percussion 2022 activity in Banda Aceh,” said he declared.

The ministry fully supports the development of tourism in Aceh to make it a more competitive tourist destination by applying the concept of sustainable development and sustainable culture.

“I hope this activity can motivate and encourage tourism and creative industry players and SMEs to remain optimistic and keep innovating for Indonesia’s economic recovery,” he said.

Aceh Acting Governor Achmad Marzuki said Aceh’s traditional musical instrument called Rapai is a candidate for a star creative economy based on local culture and wisdom.

“Rapai is an opportunity to strengthen the creative industry and increase economic growth as it has started to be exported overseas,” he said in a written speech read by Iskandar Syukri, an expert to the governor of ‘Aceh.

This year’s Aceh Drum Festival also hosts drum groups from Singapore, Japan and Thailand, said director of the Aceh Culture and Tourism Board, Almuniza Kamal.

“The group from Singapore performed at a drum camp in Leupung, while drum groups from Japan and Thailand will perform virtually,” he said.

National drum groups participating in the festival include those from Riau Islands Province, Bandung and Depok (West Java Province) and Jakarta.

In addition, local percussion groups from the North AcehPidie, Pidie Jaya, West Aceh and Gayo Lues will also perform at Bustanussalatin Park during the Aceh Drum Festival.


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