Carlisle councilors will hear an update on the city’s economic development strategy

COUNCILORS are expected to receive an update on work relating to Carlisle’s economic strategy, including the delivery of the Town Deal and Future High Streets Fund regeneration projects.

The Carlisle City Council Square Committee is due to meet on Thursday September 1 and receive an update on the Economic Strategy Action Plan.

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Overall Carlisle has successfully bid for £200m of government funding for regeneration and economic development and at the Place Panel in two weeks councilors will hear an update on the projects the investment is backing .

The strategy is designed to stimulate population and employment growth and underpins projects such as the Town Deal-funded redevelopment of the Sands Centre; the Borderlands regeneration of Carlisle Station, Longtown and the historic Citadels.

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Carlisle City Council’s economic strategy will be broken down into five pillars: quality housing supply, business space, connectivity, a high quality built and natural environment and a vibrant town centre.

Panel members will be invited to provide comments or feedback.

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