CHR strives to help employees balance work and private life

The pandemic has been a time of discovery for Colorado Home Realty CEO Matt Hudson and his team.

With everyone working remotely, the company found new ways to stay connected and learned what matters most.

“We want our employees to live the life they want to live,” says Hudson. “We give our employees unlimited vacation. If they do their job well and want to take six months off, good for you.

The company also lets its employees set their own schedules.

“When people are able to create that life balance, it creates better experiences and better outcomes,” he says.

This flexibility is one of the reasons the company’s employees made the company the highest-rated midsize company on the Best Workplaces of 2022 list. Home Realty is on the list.

Look forward

Staying on top of a volatile real estate market keeps Hudson and its people nimble. And while the nationwide economy may face challenges, he predicts the Denver metro will continue to be a popular place to live.

He also wants to make sure Colorado Home Realty provides meaningful work experience.

“It’s not just about profit,” says Hudson. “People want to have a job that challenges us, empowers us and satisfies us.”

A few years ago, people thought that innovation would make real estate agents obsolete. In a company rife with incompetence and mediocrity, it seemed doable, says Hudson.

“Unfortunately, some humans are terrible at their jobs.”

But buying and selling homes is a complicated process, and clients are best served by real estate agents who can act as their advocates.

“We’re going to double down and continue to show a commitment to excellence,” Hudson said. “We strive to provide real value to the consumer.”

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Call Colorado home

Colorado offers a rare combination of a strong economy and attractive lifestyle choices.

“There is value in living here,” he says. “Why would you want to live somewhere where you have 250 days of rain, when you can have 325 days of sunshine here.”

Colorado Home Realty employees work hard and play hard.

“We’re skiers, hikers, joggers and cyclists,” says Hudson. “Truth be told, we’re all addicted to endorphins and the incomparable Rocky Mountain lifestyle.”

No. 1

Colorado Home Realty

Years Named: 1
Creation: 2005
Headquarters: Littleton
Employees: 162
Pitches: 1
Facts: Colorado Home Realty is a community of successful, strong, curious and ambitious individuals who are redefining real estate success, on their own terms.

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