county awards economic development grant to Flemington to assist with master plan upgrade | Hunterdon Magazine News

the Hunterdon County Board of Commissionersat its meeting on Tuesday, February 15, approved a $20,000 economic development grant for a $50,000 Flemington master plan update designed to build on the borough’s designation as an area of state and federal opportunity.

“It is clearly in the county’s interest to assist Flemington, as the county seat, in the community’s efforts to take advantage of the Opportunity Zone designation; promote appropriate economic growth and support local development, tourism, services and employment, through its revised Master Plan,” said Board of Commissioners Director John E. Lanza.

“The Hunterdon County Economic Development Grant Program has, over the past few years, provided funding to a number of municipalities seeking to explore, create or implement programs, policies or procedures consistent with the goals and county economic initiative goals. .

“Municipal grant participants are normally asked to provide 10% of the project cost, however, in this case Flemington is providing the remaining $30,000 towards the total $50,000 cost of the plan being developed by the consultants. in Planning Kyle & McManus Associates.”

Lanza added that recent developer interest in the community is significantly driven by the designation of Flemington as an opportunity area, which the county fully supports.

According to Borough of Flemington officials, the proposed changes to master plan elements will, among other things, allow Flemington to identify zoning and development strategies that concentrate retail, service and entertainment in the way which best contributes to creating a vibrant downtown; identify zoning and development strategies to best utilize density, mix of uses and open public spaces to attract new development and redevelopment and promote economic development; and promote population growth in the borough as well as non-residential development and employment.

Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver says she believes achieving these results will ultimately allow the borough to become a major county destination for local and regional tourism, services and employment.

For more information, contact Hunterdon County Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Marc Saluk, at

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