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ATHENS, GREECE, March 4, 2022 / — The Advocata Institute, a Sri Lankan political think tank, is pleased to announce a dialogue with Elena Panaritis. This renowned World Bank economist worked with three Greek prime ministers during the Eurozone and Greek debt crisis of 2009-2019.
Ms. Panaritis shares her experience and practical knowledge of debt crisis resolution with Sri Lankan economists, academics and entrepreneurs. She draws a parallel with the challenges faced and lessons learned from the collapse of the Eurozone and Greek debt crisis that shocked global markets.
Ms. Panaritis says: “An economic crisis of the 21st century should not be treated in the same way as a crisis of the 1990s. Today, politics and geopolitics play a major role and influence the intervention of economic policies. Therefore, the political solutions a country will receive are strongly linked to its geopolitical importance.
The dialogue focuses on the sequencing of reforms with a view to a rapid and sustainable economic recovery. (i) implementation of structural reforms; (ii) the time of their application; (iii) debt management and restructuring.
She consistently stresses the importance of formal property rights for all types of assets to be bankable. Security of ownership, identity and the simplification of bureaucracy generate legal property rights and make investments attractive.
Ms. Panaritis reminds everyone of the limitations of the architecture of the existing economic development paradigm for achieving lasting change and sustainable growth. It presents its proprietary diagnostic method, Reality Check Analysis (RCA), which allows structural reforms to be properly sequenced and sustainable development to be successful.
She firmly insists: “The current paradigm of economic development does not attack the informal sector or the costs of bureaucracy. These are frictions that further impoverish people and undermine the sustainability of any recovery effort. »
Elena is a World Bank economist who recently worked with three prime ministers in Greece during the Eurozone and Greek debt crisis of 2009-2019: now CEO and founder of

About the Advocata Institute.
About The Advocata Institute is an independent policy think tank based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It conducts research, provides commentary, organizes events to promote commentary and promotes sound policy ideas compatible with a free society in Sri Lanka.

About Elena Panaritis.
Elena Panaritis is CEO and Founder of, a platform that promotes economic prosperity and empowerment of the “informal” through a new development paradigm. She is an economist and changemaker with a background in unlocking wealth and potential within the economic sector of informality.

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