Governor Laura Kelly signs bipartisan bill, bolstering economic development toolkit

~Legislation could To help Kansas Earth The largest private sector investment in states History~

TOPEKAGovernor Laura Kelly today signed the bipartisan Invoice known as Attracting a Powerful Economic Expansion Act (APEX). The bipartisan bill creates a new tool in the Kansas toolbox that enables the state to compete nationally and globally for major economic development projects.

“This positions Kansas to potentially land a once-in-a-generation opportunity that could transform our economy,” said Governor Laura Kelly. “This tool is about more than just one project. This makes us an economic powerhouse ready to compete nationally and globally. This means thousands of new jobs, billions more dollars injected into the economy, and more opportunities for Kansas families. I must thank Senate Speaker Ty Masterson and House Speaker Ron Ryckman for their leadership and hard work in expediting this bill. An opportunity like this was a tireless effort, and they worked with us to make it happen.

This economic development bill could help Kansas land the biggest private sector investment in state history. The current project would create 4,000 new jobs in Kansas and inject $4 billion in business investment into the Kansas economy.

“APEX’s passage shows that there is strong bipartisan support for putting Kansas on the national economic development stage,” said Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland. “The APEX bill gives us a realistic chance to win major economic development projects that will bring huge business investment and job creation to our state. We are excited about our chances with the current prospect which would be transformative for our state and provide lasting benefits to Kansas. Thank you to Governor Kelly and the Legislative Assembly – and in particular Senate Speaker Masterson, House Speaker Ryckman, Speaker Erickson and Speaker Tarwater – for this commitment to strengthening our economic development toolkit and making Kansas even more of a force to be reckoned with.

Here is what they say:

“The Attracting Powerful Economic Expansion (APEX) Act creates a necessary economic development incentive that will help the State of Kansas win megaprojects that attract talented people to our state, create thousands of jobs, invest hundreds of millions of dollars in capital spending and grow our economy Thank you Governor Kelly, Lt. Governor Toland, the Kansas Department of Commerce, the Legislative Leadership and the entire Kansas Legislature for this investment in the business environment.

– John Rolfe, President and CEO of the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce

“The passage of the APEX bill provides communities across Kansas and Kansas an opportunity to be competitive sites for transformative economic development projects. While the impetus for APEX is an exciting opportunity that exists here and now this legislation provides a tool that puts Kansas in the mix for future projects that will help boost our economy for a generation.

– Steve Kelly, Vice President of Economic Development at the Chamber of Lawrence

“The passage of APEX is a victory for Kansas communities. I am pleased to see lawmakers and the Governor push this bill past the finish line as it is tied to positive economic returns for our national and local economies. It’s time to show the nation that Kansas is ready to compete at an unprecedented new level.

– Curtis Sneden, President of the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce

“Economic development is a highly competitive business, pitting Kansas against not just other states, but other countries. The APEX legislation allows Kansas to compete for projects that can diversify and transform our economy. Projects eligible for APEX incentives can provide workers with new upskilling options and also give our students the opportunity to pursue high-tech careers in Kansas rather than in other states.

– Tracey Osborne Oltjen, President and CEO of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce

“The ability to set aside partisanship for the greater good of the State of Kansas is a true testament to the leadership and commitment of Governor Kelly, Lieutenant Governor Toland, Senate Speaker Masterson, President of the Ryckman House and all legislative leaders. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are now in a position to truly compete for this generational economic development attraction opportunity.

– Tim Cowden, President and CEO of the Kansas City Area Development Council

“The brain drain problem in our state is real, and this legislation takes proactive steps to attract emerging industries that will inspire our young people to stay in Kansas and give them the jobs and opportunities they need to get there. to arrive at. Our state must remain competitive to grow, and APEX will ensure that we cannot be counted out for projects that would transform our state for years to come.

– Dinah Sykes, Senate Democratic Leader

“This is a huge opportunity for Kansas. Bringing a new industry to the state ensures that Kansas continues to evolve with the changing needs of the economy. I’m excited to see how this further develops our workforce and retains college graduates in Kansas.

– Tom Sawyer, Democratic House Leader


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