Help Wanted: North Carolina Global Trans Park – Economic Development Region

BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE POSITION: Serves primarily as an existing industry specialist for the NCGTPEDR as an advocate and catalyst within the existing industry sector of the NCGTPEDR. Promotes the growth and expansion of established industries, encourages the development of new markets and supports the day-to-day operations of existing industry. Includes resolving any issues and/or barriers to growth by helping to remove them through effective engagement with industry management and community leaders. Participates in NCGTP regional economic development activities. The main area would be the NCGTP and Lenoir County industries.

SPECIFIC TASKS: Administers all aspects of a retention and expansion program, which includes the following: implements ongoing and regular factory visits, prepares a weekly target for tracking and measurement. This includes monitoring potential risks of closures, management changes, employment increase/decrease, investment and future expansion plans. Maintains a database of information on all existing industries. This includes preparing year-end reports on trends and important information. Responsible for producing an annual salary and benefits survey. This involves obtaining a written response from HR managers and entering the data into a published document. Help with any expansion plan for existing industry. This includes acquiring properties, upgrading utilities, adding facilities, and hiring and training the workforce. Also includes participation in and dispatch of the inspection and authorization process. Responds to existing industry basic information requests. Solves existing industry problems. This includes immediate and successful resolution on behalf of the industry. May include working and coordinating with a variety of organizations, agencies, officials and personnel. Investigate and/or initiate any opportunities for existing industry assistance through grant, loan, and tax programs offered by local government, North Carolina State, and/or federal agencies/programs. Tracks all existing industry grants from local, state and/or federal sources ensuring that the necessary steps have been implemented for payment disbursements. Assist with press releases and other media relations for existing industry in coordination with NCGTP regional marketing person. Liaises with Lenoir/Wayne Community College regarding all training opportunities. This includes arranging meetings between existing industry representatives and Lenoir/Wayne Community College Assists groundbreaking and/or groundbreaking event representatives. Organize in coordination with the NCGTP regional team all existing industry seminars. Serve under the coordination of the Senior Vice President as the contact regarding workforce and workforce development issues. This includes participating in various ad hoc committees and coordinating with other bodies, i.e. transportation committee and apprenticeship program committees. Assist in the coordination and implementation of various existing industry events. This includes, but is not limited to, Lenoir County Manufacturers Luncheons, Regional Manufacturers Associations, and Roundtables in coordination with NCGTP Regional Vice Presidents.

OTHER: Performs related tasks as required. LIAISON DUTIES: Acts as primary liaison in coordination with NCGTP Regional Vice Presidents between existing industry and the following agencies/officials: Local Government Units/Lenoir County and City of Kinston Economic Development Partners of the North Carolina – Existing Industry Services NC Military Business Center NC Department of Transportation Utility Allies Small Business & Technology Development Center Lenoir/Wayne Community College Business & Industry Center Lenoir/Wayne Community College WORKS Coordinator NC Workforce Solutions NC Public School System.

DUTIES OF MEMBERS: Maintains active membership/relationships with the following organizations/programs: NC Economic Development Association NCGTPEDR Transportation Committee (and TCC) Works Advisory Committee and related subcommittees

EXPERIENCE, TRAINING & SKILLS: Bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields – Industrial Technology; Company; Economy; Communications or related equivalent – ​​OR – At least five years of experience in a field related to economic development, industry or business. Economic Development Institute graduate preferred. (Otherwise, the employee will need to take courses and graduate.) Proficiency in Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office programs (including Word, Power Point, Excel, Access and Publisher)

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Limited physical activity is required, but may include carrying supplies and other stationery around the office, carrying easels and bulletin boards, carrying shovels for a first shovelful of soil, carrying and transporting miscellaneous office items to and from offsite meetings, transporting a laptop and projector, and setting up office equipment for various meetings. Additionally, the walk around the factory and local industry grounds will be a weekly activity. Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Lashanda Hall, Director of Human Resources for Lenoir County Government via email ( or mail to: Lenoir County ATTN: Lashanda Lobby PO Box 3289 Kingston, NC 28502

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