Hungry babies are the latest victims of Biden’s economic crisis

Supply chain issues, the result of shutdowns and other extreme Covid measures, have plagued Americans throughout the pandemic and had affected a majority of people by the end of 2021. The problem was compounded by a labor shortages at least partly fueled by states and the federal government paying people not to work and punishing workers who chose other means to fight Covid than the experimental vaccines that spur Big Pharma .

Thus, since the beginning of 2022, buyers have been entitled to an increasing number of totally empty shelves. Now the crisis has made its way to baby formula.

In a CBS interview with a San Francisco couple, one mother said, “We noticed [formula] being hard to find maybe a few months ago, two, three months ago, then just recently we can’t find it. We tried all the local targets and we checked Costco, Costco online, Walgreens, we can’t find it anywhere.

As this is a growing problem, parents need solutions. Whatever the reason for the formula offer – we had to feed our second daughter formula because she was lactose intolerant as a baby and recreated the vomiting scene from “The Exorcist” every time she was breastfeeding – parents can’t just swap the formula for a turkey sandwich. Many are looking for solutions.

On Twitter, PoliMath offered a short wire about what parents can do. There he lists several options, including evaporated milk and a recipe that uses powdered goat’s milk, as well as a link to an information sheet detailing what goes into the formula. Here is another nutrient-dense recipe recommended by a friend. This is where we are as a nation, in 2022, thanks to the elite’s mismanagement of virtually everything since Covid escaped the lab in 2019.

In 2020, despite the virus and its mismanagement, there were supply chain issues, but people could still find the basics they needed most of the time. They could also better afford to pay them. These days, it’s not given.

Today, with rampant inflation and empty shelves, parents are forced to find alternatives to feed their babies. Since the formula wasn’t cheap to begin with, it adds even more stress to the stress of having a newborn.

Add that to the ever-growing list of his failures and it’s easy to see why even Chuck Todd had to admit that Biden is “no longer seen as competent and effective, is no longer seen as a good commander-in-chief, or perhaps the most damaging, also easy-going and likeable.

“In fact,” he continued, “only 5% of adults say Mr. Biden has done better than expected as president, one of many lowest and least primes in our poll. .” Those numbers come from a poll taken by NBC after Biden’s two-hour speech last week in which he talked about how great a job he was doing.

President Biden may be asking America, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” but with the pandemic of incompetent elites hitting everyone, now including babies, he’s not going to like the answer. I guess our only hope at this point is that supply chain issues disrupt the ice cream market so that it finally starts paying attention.

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