Institute urges improved Logistics Performance Index for economic growth – The Sun Nigeria

By Steve Agbota

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), reaffirmed the importance of logistics for the economic development of countries around the world.

This was revealed by the Chair of the Institute’s Conference Planning Committee, Prof. Kayode Oyesiku, during a press briefing announcing the 2022 National Conference and Annual General Meeting in October, where stakeholders will propose effective solutions for the national challenges of logistics and transport operations in the country.

According to him, a country with a weak Logistics Performance Institute (LPI) will be vulnerable and susceptible to uncertainty and high business risk.

“The importance of logistics in the economic development of nations cannot be overstated. The Logistics Performance Index (LPI) of nations is now the yardstick for measuring their economic resilience and competitiveness. Wherever LPLs are low, the economy is vulnerable and susceptible to uncertainty and high business risks. They are classified as having poor education and health care systems as well as a poor social protection and security framework.

“Therefore, by giving the socio-economic phenomena observed in Nigeria from the recent past to the present, the conference, through the combined cognitive interaction of professionals, practitioners and academics, anticipates the adaptation measures that policy makers, thought developers and operators are bound to embrace sustainability and competitiveness, internally and within the League of Allied Nations,” he said.

He said the conference would allow stakeholders to ponder the future of logistics and transport operations in Nigeria. He added that the conference will provide opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD) for industry players, as well as the discovery of new and innovative solutions to logistics and transportation challenges that can impact business practices and professionals.

“The CILT 2022 conference is set to attract dozens of delegates from within and outside Nigeria, including business leaders, academics and policy makers. It will encourage multidisciplinary networks and provide platforms for academics and professionals to identify and examine challenges, as well as propose effective solutions for national logistics and transport operations.

“The conference will feature various technical sessions where subject matter experts will lead conversations primarily aimed at interrogating the future of logistics and transport operations in Nigeria, particularly in the context of a rapidly changing service environment, technological innovations and extensive planning dynamics that characterize logistics, transportation and the supply chain today.

“It will also feature exhibitions of transportation and logistics products from related industries and sectors. This conference is a CPD opportunity for industry players and provides an excellent platform for networking with companies, colleagues and experts in various fields of interest.

“As we dissect the logistics and transportation industry from different cognitive angles, delegates will discover new and innovative solutions to logistics and transportation challenges that may impact their business and professional practices.”

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