JOHN NEWBY: Creating quality of life creates tourism | unionized

Tourism is a high-stakes game that every community must pursue. Community leaders are shirking their fiduciary duties by not actively pursuing these dollars. How does a community build the machine that promotes and attracts tourism? While there are many ways to grow this revenue stream, here’s a simple three-step process.

First, realize, understand and promote the value and vision of tourism. Understand, no matter where you are in the scheme of things, you have to come to a point where you are doing things to develop tourism. This is the most important mindset community leaders can have when it comes to the financial survival of your community.

Second, find those unique things about your city and build them. Tourists are looking for new and unique experiences, not sameness. Tourists are looking to find the heart and soul of a community, not the same old, easy-to-find everyday experiences. Does your community have access to water, such as rivers or lakes? Does your community have a niche such as music, history and/or art etc. ? Find those niches and expand them to the best of your ability.

Third, support organizations willing to create events that magnify your community’s niches and talents. People travel for good events. Your events could be car or bike shows, food festivals, unique music festivals, veteran events, ethnic festivals, and the list is endless. True skill in this area, however, goes beyond simply creating these events. Each event you focus community resources on should be one that can ultimately become a multi-day event. It’s the events that attract high-stakes tourism dollars that have the impact your community needs.

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