Launch of a book on the life and times of Dr Ishrat Husain

karachi: The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi organized the launching ceremony of a biography entitled “Unraveling Gordian Knot: The Works and Words of Dr. Ishrat Husain” on Dr. Husain, former adviser to the Prime Minister on institutional reforms and austerity and the former dean and director of the IBA, at the IBA City Campus on Friday.

Those present at the ceremony included IBA faculty, students and alumni, media, members of academia, the corporate sector and the diplomatic corps.

The event began with a welcome from Malahat Awan, Director of Alumni Relations, Resource Mobilization and Corporate Relations, IBA. She highlighted the legacy Dr. Husain left behind and how he transformed the IBA.

Esteemed speakers including Dr. Husain, IBA Executive Director Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, Dean of UMT Lahore, Dr. Syed Noman ul Haq and book author Sibtain Naqvi have been invited on scene.

Dr. Saima Husain, Assistant Professor, School of Business Studies and QEC Director, IBA, congratulated Dr. Husain for bringing many scholarships and study opportunities to the IBA fraternity. She recalled with emotion the decisive role of Dr. Husain in obtaining his doctorate. She felt that Dr. Husain was a visionary leader, who also had empathy for everyone.

Muneer Kamal, former chairman of the NBP, said the book tells of Dr. Husain’s zest for life. He mentioned that the book encapsulates 80 years of Dr. Husain’s outstanding journey from the pre-partition era to the present day.

Kamal credited Dr Husain with being an excellent people manager saying that the State Bank of Pakistan was a complex organization and Dr Husain managed it effectively as he could assign the right person to the right role and that he transformed the SBP from a relaxed organization to a vibrant one.

Dr. Zaidi felt that every institution that Dr. Husain was associated with claims him as their own because of the legacy he leaves behind. Dr. Zaidi thanked Dr. Husain for transforming the IBA from an institute into an interdisciplinary university with over 5,000 students.

He said the IBA fellowship is grateful for the physical infrastructure as well as the world-class facilities and opportunities that Dr. Husain has facilitated.

Dr. Husain said that life is not a bed of roses and to be successful you have to face obstacles.

Addressing his success at the IBA, he credited his team for the success and said cooperation and teamwork are needed for the institutes to thrive. He also thanked his wife for playing a supporting role in all of his accomplishments.

He praised Naqvi for his efforts in writing the book. Moreover, he advised the younger generation to have a purpose in life and contribute to society.

He stressed that without equal opportunities in education and employment, social mobility cannot be achieved. Dr. Husain encouraged the audience to think beyond their own progress and enable the less privileged to achieve a better life and economic stability.

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