Life Changes needs volunteers

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – Our partner KOLO Cares Pillar could use your talents as he continues to help men and women recover from addiction and homelessness.

On West 4th Street, in the heart of downtown Reno, is the Life Changes Welcome Office. It handles some of the most critical customer essentials. When a man or woman gets out of jail, jail, or is sent off by a referral partner, that’s their first stop. It also serves as a hub to help them write resumes, apply for jobs, and meet other needs.

“If it hadn’t been for the changes in life, I wouldn’t be here today. Honestly, I attempted suicide and that’s what got me in here and it’s been amazing non-stop ever since,” says Phillip Stead. He is a former client turned inspiration and is now employed as the senior house manager.

“I have to start helping people who were in similar situations to me and it’s more rewarding for me every day…being able to do for others what they did for me,” Stead adds.

That’s where you come in. Volunteers are needed for receptionist and computer lab work, social services like help with Medicaid, and unemployment benefits. Staff could use their financial experience to offer advice on maintaining a budget, paying down debt, and investing.

“Honestly, one of the big issues is the plumbing, there are a lot of people, more than the average household using showers, using everything,” Stead tells us.

Where are our practical Nevadans? If office work isn’t your specialty… can your business or civic group help you on-site in the approximately 20 homes that house clients? The landscaping and maintenance of the property is constant.

“Two years later you get a thank you letter for saving my life and all that kind of stuff and that’s what I think keeps most of us going in this business” , says Jessica Blount. She is a specialist in community care and has worked in this field for over a decade. She guarantees that your heart will be full when you offer your expertise, adding: “In the way people’s minds change and how focused they are to get where they want to be in life, I think that would bring them happiness.

Give time as a gift. It makes a big difference, as the weather gets warmer and covid numbers improve, this agency welcomes your experience with gratitude and appreciation.

Here is a list of the specific services needed:


– Assistance with mock interviews



-Social services help with Medicaid, unemployment benefits and disability

– Financial literacy services (balancing budgets, investing, paying down debt)

-Life coaches, spiritual leaders and motivational speakers

-Help for the homeless


-Computer skill


-Construction and maintenance of the property

-Landscaping services and donation of gardening tools

-Vehicles and bicycles donated

Donations for bus passes, Uber and Lyft services are also a big help.

Contact Sandy Finelli at or Jessica Blount at

To learn more about the nonprofit, visit

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