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Good for Schlosser, and good for Loveland

In case you missed it, at the last council meeting, the Loveland Economic Development Department presented a financial assistance package for Schlosser Signs. The meeting was a study session, so the board took no action, but we learned of Schlosser Signs’ recent growth and expansion plans.

The Loveland sign company has grown rapidly and plans to consolidate its operations into a new, larger building. The two buildings they overtook will become available for other businesses in the light industrial sector. With the help of the economic development office, they ask the city to waive their building permit fees and municipal use tax for the project. The terms of the agreement require Schlosser to invest $3.9 million in its new building and create 23 new jobs (average of $65,000 per year plus benefits) over the next five years. The amount of money requested from the city is approximately $65,000, to be met by the city’s incentive fund. In the words of Councilor Fogle, it is like moving money from one pocket to another.

The board appeared pleased with Schlosser Signs and the Economic Development Office for their work in developing this proposal, primarily due to the modest size of the “request” and because it is a case study on small business growth. Schlosser is a small company in every way. Still, they’re an ideal primary employer, doing a large percentage of their signage work outside of Larimer County, including installing signs of all sizes at Denver International Airport. This brings income to Loveland from outside our region while providing good local jobs.

The Schlosser scenario exemplifies how we want our city to support local businesses, especially small Indigenous businesses that have hit their stride and need a little push to take their business to the next level.

Diana Precht

land of love

McKean offers transparency to people

Boy, advertisers have nothing on politicians!

I’ve seen some pretty wacky political ads. These ads are designed to evoke strong emotions and manipulate us. Unfortunately, political ads are propaganda at best and lies at worst. I hate lies and being manipulated. But, there is one chosen one who rises above the rest. This official goes above and beyond to investigate all aspects of a debate and to discern the long-term consequences of legislative decisions. It is based on strong principles. He is respected by both parties and independent voters alike. Because of his transparency to the people, I urge voters to support Hugh McKean for House District 51.

Kristy Room

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On Don Overcash’s recall effort

Our family has lived in Loveland for nearly 35 years. We settled in a comfortable town of about 35,000 with blue Rocky Mountain skies to behold, tidy neighborhoods, good schools, libraries, well-kept streets, city parks, public transportation, a low crime rate, everything a family could wish for.

It’s rare to see the first front-page story in the local paper about an attempted recall of a member of city council, in this case, Don Overcash.

Shortly before, there was an article about Lovelanders opposed to fracking at Centerra, where owners, buyers, hospital patients, etc. would face pollution from oil and gas VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is mind-boggling that the developer of Centerra mall, health centers and housing is ruining its oil and gas development business.

Businesses should be good neighbors and adopt sound environmental practices. The town hall should promote it.

At city council meetings, public officials, for example our mayor, should be treated with respect in meetings that are open to the public. I was shocked at how Mayor Jacki Marsh was treated by some members of council. If Mr. Overcash hadn’t decided to run against her, in a heavily funded campaign he lost, I wonder if he would have been picked for a recall.

Deborah Stucklen

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