Medicine Hat offers good quality of life, residents recommend it as a place to live: survey

“I’m happy because we’re going through a tough time,” Coun said. Robert Dumanowski of the results presented at Monday’s board meeting. “While there is a lot to be optimistic about…there is a lot of concern out there, and for our community to identify with an overall favorable quality of life of 95% is extraordinary.”

Dumanowki added that he “never thought a community could touch this.”

While respondents believe the quality of life in Medicine Hat is good, about a third say it has deteriorated over the past three years. The main factors being COVID-19 and the cost of living.

According to the survey, the issues that most concern respondents are municipal services and social and economic issues.

The survey also shows that government communication with residents could be improved when it comes to decision-making. Only 69% agreed that the city uses citizen input in the decision-making process, and 76% of respondents said they were satisfied with the communication between the city and its citizens.

The majority of respondents (78 percent) say they receive good value for their taxes. However, the survey shows that they are divided when it comes to raising taxes or cutting services. Forty-five percent said they would support increasing taxes to expand services, while 42 percent said they would support reducing services to maintain or reduce tax rates.

The presentation from Monday’s council meeting can be found on the City of Medicine Hat website.

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