Need to build capacity for economic growth: Chief Minister of Nagaland

Neiphiu Rio called on citizens to work to make Nagaland one of the most developed states. (Case)


Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said on Monday that the state needed to attract investment across all sectors to grow much faster and create more job opportunities for young people.

After displaying the tricolor at the Civil Secretariat of the State, the Chief Minister stressed the need to attract investors to exploit the rich natural resources, especially oil and natural gas, and to make the tourism sector more dynamic.

“We need to continuously build our capacities, especially the capacities and skills of our youth, to allow their inherent talent to flourish, in order to benefit and also contribute to faster economic growth,” he said. declared.

To achieve this goal, Neiphiu Rio called on every citizen to work to make Nagaland one of the most developed and progressive states in the country.

Recalling the role of freedom fighters, the Chief Minister said, “India achieved independence after a long struggle and on this historic occasion, we again remember with utmost gratitude the freedom fighters, who gave everything, many even gave their lives, to obtain freedom for all of us”.

Stressing that 75 years in the history of a nation is a very significant milestone, Neiphiu Rio said that India is now a proud, strong and confident nation.

“There are still many challenges to overcome, but with the determination and hard work of the people of this great nation, we will achieve the dreams of our founding fathers,” he said.

Noting that Nagaland, along with the rest of the country, has made good progress, he said, since the establishment of the state in 1963, successive governments have contributed to development efforts.

“We have redoubled our efforts to develop the talents of our people and to provide them with a conducive and enabling environment through infrastructure and better services through which there has been a significant improvement in the lives of our people,” said the leader says the minister.

Besides the performances of various Naga tribes at the main ceremony in the state capital, the main attraction was the cultural presentation of the Tikhir community, the newly recognized Naga tribe from the remote district of Shamator.

They performed a folk song honoring freedom fighters.

Through their performance, the Tikhir Nagas also recognized the role of the state government by recognizing them as the 15th major Naga tribe and making Shamator the 16th district on January 19 this year.

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