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TR PHOTO BY SUSANNA MEYER Kyle Hall is the new Workforce Development Coordinator at the Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce. Hall is a longtime member of the community and has worked in sales before.

John Hall, president and CEO of the Marshalltown Regional Chamber of Commerce (MACC), is making progress to tackle the staffing issues facing local businesses by developing a new position focused solely on the workforce. of work.

Kyle Hall, unrelated to John Hall, assumes the title of Workforce Development Coordinator. John and Kyle look forward to the potential this position offers to the community.

This week is Kyle Hall’s first at work, so he’s taking the time to familiarize himself with all the national and local resources available to him, as well as connecting with business and school leaders to start build important relationships.

“I’m just excited to be here. I think this is a great opportunity for Marshalltown and a great opportunity for me, ”said Kyle Hall. “At the end of the day, it’s a position that I consider a bit like planting a tree. You don’t get a shadow of it right away. I get to work and cultivate it, and as things go, I hope Marshalltown grows.

While Kyle Hall’s background is primarily in sales, John Hall believes his diverse sales experience and long-standing presence in the community will be invaluable. Kyle Hall brings an industry perspective and was previously a member of the GMG School Board. This position is one of the first of its kind statewide, so finding someone with experience specifically geared toward workforce development is a challenge in itself.

“The truth is, there aren’t a lot of people who have done workforce development in the state at large. This is a very new field, ”said John Hall.

The main goal will be to strengthen the Marshalltown workforce through initiatives such as brainstorming new strategies to attract people to the community and encourage people already in the Marshalltown workforce to stay there and advance in their careers. John Hall particularly hopes to cultivate MACC’s relationships with public schools and the business sector.

“There are some of the basic things that we’re going to cover first,” said John Hall. “So whatever we can do with our school systems across the county and integrate them into the business community to make sure graduates understand that there are great job opportunities here. ”

Whether or not these people want to enter the workforce immediately after graduation or choose to continue their education, John Hall is keen to point out that there are many options open to Marshalltown that will not only provide a good job in the short term, but also room for growth in the future.

“Having someone here who is focused on that allows us to be quick and adapt to the needs and the changing tools and resources coming from the state and the federal government,” said John Hall. “This allows us to be adaptive and ready to use whatever cards we receive on a daily basis for the workforce. ”

The position of Workforce Development Coordinator is still in its infancy at MACC. While John Hall covered some workforce projects prior to Kyle Hall’s integration, his involvement was generally minimal. Now that Kyle Hall is in the job, John Hall hopes to expand those efforts.

“(The job is to) keep people here. It’s about recruiting new people and training the people we have here for better employment opportunities, ”said John Hall.

With some jobs offering starting wages between $ 17 and $ 19 an hour, John Hall is keen to help people who still work near minimum wage improve their quality of life and earn more money to invest. in the local economy.

Another workforce dilemma that the MACC seeks to resolve is population growth. According to John Hall, if the MACC were looking to hire a company that needed 1,000 employees, there would not be enough people to staff it without “landing” in the existing job base.

“If we want to do real economic development, if we want to get back to the recruiting and business expansion table, we have to work on workforce development in order to prove that we have the base of jobs needed. to facilitate business growth in our community, ”said John Hall.

Kyle Hall is still learning the many ins and outs of his new role, but John Hall is confident that with some training and the resources available, Kyle will become a phenomenal Workforce Development Coordinator.


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