NHRC to Create Cash Family Ranch Life Learning Center

On Thursday afternoon, the National Ranching Heritage Center announced a $3.5 million donation to establish the Cash Family Ranch Life Learning Center.

The donation is the largest donation in NRHC history.

The Cash Foundation is one of 21 supporters of the project so far.

“To understand that ranching, agriculture and the entire agricultural industry plays a vital role in the economic development of this region, we need to educate our students and our community about this work,” said the president of Texas Tech, Lawrence Schovanec. “The Cash family has a long history at Texas Tech, and their commitment and financial contributions have made a difference in our ongoing efforts to excel both athletically and academically. It’s investments like these that elevate Texas Tech and the National Ranching Heritage Center and validate the work we do.

The proposed learning center includes interactive exhibits on animal and plant farming, range management, the role of cowboys and more, as well as an immersive version of the ranch from the “Hank the Cowdog” book series. “. The center will teach the intricacies of breeding and caring for livestock and land.

“We want to continue to tell our story of heritage and history,” added Jim Bret Campbell, Executive Director of NRHC, “but how do we tell our story to an audience largely detached from agriculture? History may not be the only story we need to tell when so many people have a real disconnect with agriculture.

For more information about contributing to the project, contact the NRHC at (806) 834-4120 or ranchhc@ttu.edu.

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