No measures to specify lifespan of planes flying in India: Center tells Lok Sabha | Latest India News

The DGCA also discovered that there has been no impact on the safety of operations due to the effects of financial stress on airlines

The Union Ministry of Civil Aviation told Lok Sabha on Thursday that there are no guidelines prescribed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) to specify the lifespan of planes to be flown. in the country.

He informed the lower house that planes in India could fly until their certificate for their type was valid and they were in production or under maintenance by their manufacturer.

“Aircraft are considered airworthy provided maintenance is in accordance with the approved schedule established by the manufacturer. Aircraft registered in India can operate as long as the type certificate is valid for the aircraft type and the aircraft has manufacturer-provided production/maintenance support for the continued operation of the aircraft,” State Minister for Civil Aviation VK Singh said.

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The Union minister said the aviation regulator has set age criteria for importing aircraft into India. For use in passenger service, pressurized aircraft up to 18 years old or 65% of their expected economic life for their pressurization cycle may be imported. “Aircraft for use in air cargo operations limited to 25 years or 75% of its expected economic life in terms of pressurization cycles, whichever comes first,” the ministry said.

Responding to questions about the safety measures taken by the DGCA to avoid accidents in the aviation sector, the ministry said the aviation regulator carries out regular assessments every year.

The DGCA found that there was no impact on the safety of operations due to the effects of financial stress on airlines. “All airlines seem to have stable financial condition criteria. Growth criteria for all airlines appear satisfactory,” the ministry said.

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