Ramadan Life Returns – Economy Improves – ARAB TIMES

KUWAIT CITY, April 3: Social and economic life returned to normal during Ramadan this year after two years of lockdowns and curfews due to the coronavirus pandemic, with people keen to resume normal gatherings and shopping. “Psychologically, most people are feeling positive during Ramadan this year following the lifting of coronavirus restrictions, which has encouraged them to return to their normal Ramadan practices,” said Professor Dr. Saud Al-Ghanem. in Sociology from Kuwait University (KU). Speaking to KUNA, Al-Ghanem said people will notice road traffic jams, more visits and an increase in shoppers.

The economy will also boom during Ramadan, he added, as people tend to increase their purchases of accessories, food and clothing typically associated with the holy month. Dr Khodhr Al-Baroun, professor of psychology at KU, said family gatherings will increase this year with extended families having Iftar (breakfast) meals, making “this blessed month quite different from the rest of the months of the year.

“The pandemic anxiety over the past two years has gone away and it will increase gatherings between family members and friends,” he told KUNA. Dr. Ahmad Al-Shatti, Director of Ahmadi Medical Field, urged people to follow a healthy lifestyle during Ramadan to reduce weight and improve physical and psychological well-being. He urged families to keep their children out of the kitchen to prevent accidents. Al-Shatti also urged worshipers to wear masks in mosques and people in general to avoid crowds. He said 85% of people have been vaccinated in Kuwait, but people still need to be careful in following health guidelines. (KUNA)

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