Tahlequah business leaders discuss economic growth

Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell met with business leaders in Tahlequah to talk about the town’s economic growth.

“It’s very important to me that we live our lives inside our communities and not just drive to work and drive home, but actually spend time in our communities learning get to know people,” said business owner Amy Edwards.

Amy Edwards owns the Mental Wellness Centers of Oklahoma and said mental health does better when cities experience economic growth. So she went to lunch to visit other business owners.

“The more economic development we get, the better options we have for things like insurance coverage and such, so it all fits together,” she said.

Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell discussed bringing business to town, growth along the Illinois River and partnerships with the Cherokee Nation.

He said the city was just getting started.

“I think in the next ten years, if I had to pick out a few cities that we think are going to grow a lot, Tahlequah is at the top of the list,” he said.

Nathan Reed of the Tahlequah Chamber of Commerce said that since joining Tahlequah in 2006 he has seen incredible growth.

He said the chamber enjoys bringing in heads of state to talk with business owners about how the state can help them.

“My passion is in small businesses and the support to see them continue to grow and support our community and themselves,” Reed said.

Pinnell said the state and community will work together to increase tourism and push for more development.

“We want more people to watch Tahlequah, not just in our major cities like Tulsa and Oklahoma City, but also to have investors watch places like Tahlequah,” he said.

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