“The economic development of NE contributes to the overall development of the nation”

New Delhi, May 6 (IANS): The economic development of the northeast region contributes to the overall development of the nation, State Minister for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai said on Friday.

In his address to the seminar organized by the Assam Rifle on “Economic growth is a prerequisite for dealing with the deep-rooted insurgencies in the North East”, he said that the vast potential of this sector will be unleashed by creating infrastructure modern and improving connectivity and development. today synonymous with the unity and integrity of the country.

Rai further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to remove the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFPSA) from certain areas in the region also highlights the huge development possibilities in this area.

He also said that the talks with various extremist groups have led to a huge improvement in the security situation in the northeast and young people are rapidly joining the development mainstream.

“An amount of Rs 2,65,513 crore has been expended from the year 2014 to March 2021 for the development of various infrastructure projects in the North Eastern region, the outcome of which is visible in the form of development,” a- he declared.

The Minister also said that over the decades the ideology of the rebellion has shifted from social issues to political aspirations, lust for unquestionable power and monetary gains. “The region’s innocent young people have been caught in the vicious circle of pseudo-nationalism and guns. Economic deprivation and lack of employment opportunities, coupled with the threat of drugs, have dragged this generation further into the fabric of extremism,” he noted.

He also said that with strong political will and commitment today for the development of transport, highways, communications, electricity and waterways in the northeast, the security situation is now under control. and people have started to reap the benefits of development and infrastructure projects.

He said the Assam Rifles, since their inception in 1835, have been instrumental in development and have contributed immensely to restoring normalcy to the North East. This force is doing a good job shoulder to shoulder with the Indian Army and has done a commendable job of resolving very sensitive situations with great ease.

“The Government gave the Assam Rifles powers under the Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS Act)…it was a carefully considered decision, as a result, the Assam Rifles confiscated narcotics and drugs from worth around Rs 1,500 crore over the past year,” Rai added.

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