Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz to step down and assume Seneca County economic development role

Montz will take office as chairman of the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership on July 5.

TIFFIN, Ohio – He’s been running Tiffin for more than a decade. If he doesn’t go far, the city’s youngest ever elected mayor will step down in a matter of weeks.

When Aaron Montz was elected mayor in 2012, he became the youngest mayor in Tiffin’s history when he took office aged 26.

And after 10 years in office, Montz has accepted a new role, as chairman of the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership.

Montz said it was a bittersweet decision, as the city has seen tremendous leaps in development and growth under his administration.

“The city is in the best financial position we’ve ever been in, we’re sitting on the biggest cash reserves we’ve ever had. We have the best team of department heads we’ve ever seen in the city, ” he said. “So I feel like I’ve set things up perfectly for the next mayor to carry on and keep our success at the next level.”

Other county officials look forward to working with Montz in a countywide role, as he has acted as a source of optimism and hope for the city’s younger generation of officials.

“I’m one of the many, I believe, who’s seen that. I’ve seen Aaron Montz grow up, I’ve seen his leadership with the city, and I said ‘Hey, one day I might play a community role, helping and helping the momentum of the city,” said Bryce Riggs, executive director of the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“Aaron has been instrumental in the spirit of collaboration that has led to our success here in Seneca County,” said Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner. “I think he will do great things at TSEP [Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership] and we look forward to working together in this capacity. »

Montz will begin his new role in county economic development on July 5.

He says he looks forward to tackling larger issues in Seneca County, like workforce development and the need for more housing, as soon as possible.

“Whether it’s our villages, our townships, you know we have great facilities in the counties as well. So now I’m going to be able to use my talents, take them all over the county and continue to help the Seneca County as a whole and turn the tide here to help everyone across the county,” Montz said.

Bridget Boyle, president of Tiffin City Council, will be acting mayor until August 5.

At that time, the city council will review all of the mayoral candidates and vote on who will serve in the final year of Montz’s term.


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