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After the world shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kentucky continues to build back stronger than ever. Statistics from a recent press release from Governor Andy Beshear’s office confirm this. “In 2021, the Commonwealth broke all economic development records on the books. Announcements for new locations and private sector expansion included a record total planned investment of $11.2 billion and commitments to create a record number of more than 18,000 full-time jobs over the next few years. Kentucky’s average incentive hourly wage for statewide projects in 2021 was $24 before benefits, a 9.4% increase over the previous year.

Marshall County as a whole has been an example of this progress, including several new and recently expanded or renovated businesses in Draffenville in recent years. Economic development is underway and Draffenville has added some notable “new faces”.

The cellar door

Last fall, construction began on a new building to house The Cellar Door after the company outgrew the old building, also located in Draffenville. “We just wanted a bigger location to accommodate our needs, so we could provide more choice for our customers and make it more convenient,” said Boone Chambers, who owns several regional Cellar Door locations, including those in Benton. , Murray and Mayfield. Chambers said this new location will make room for a cold room, so there will be a wider range of products available. Drive-thru will be available as well as in-store purchases. The scheduled opening date for The Cellar Door in Draffenville is the second week of August.

Open Door Accounting LLC:

Brittany Nielsen, Registered Agent (EA) and President, has worked in accounting for over 25 years. She opened Open Door Accounting LLC in October 2019 from her home office and, due to growing needs, bought and built at 2535 US Hwy 641 N, and moved in May 2021. Nielsen comments, “I want to be a team which is easily accessible to business owners. We work with our clients daily so they can make confident, intentional and strategic business decisions instead of going to the end of the year to “find out how the year ended”. Open Door Accounting will soon be the only certified for-profit company in this region. Nielsen says she has completely transformed her business with this method and is excited to help other businesses thrive.

Jani Brewer opened PRO Physiotherapy on January 24 and is located at 302 US HWY 68 W. The creation of this clinic began with a desire for self-reliance. They wanted to provide a medical experience and treatment that members of the community deserve. The location was ideal, having the ability to build in the community hub was a particularly attractive prospect. Besides knowing that they have the additional land behind the clinic which will allow the development of an outdoor experience for the patients. Their goal is the growth and satisfaction of their patients to completely meet their individualized needs.

They specialize and offer: outpatient physiotherapy including manual physiotherapy, gait and balance training, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, spine therapy, sports medicine, needling cupping, kinesio-taping and workers’ compensation.

Awakened Movement (RM) Pilates:

Becky Travelstead opened RM Pilates on 2698 US-641 in March 2018. She started practicing Pilates on the recommendation of her doctor and grew to love it. She bought equipment and took instructor training to train herself in her own practice, but couldn’t get it out of her head “if it helped me so much, how many more people could benefit?” Due to the pandemic and other obligations, Travelstead has reduced class size and frequency, but plans to reintroduce private and duo classes. These will be done on specialized Pilates fitness equipment: Reformer, Tower, Chair, Ladder barrel, Arc, and various accessories. She also plans to offer studio time to approved and experienced clients to practice on the equipment themselves and perform compression therapy. “Pilates is a very inclusive type of fitness. Anyone can do it, from seniors to athletes,” Travelstead said.

Denise Darden opened Salon Z, located at 41 James Martin Dr., on June 6. After graduating from cosmetology at the age of 45, Darden never thought she would open her own business and achieve her dream. She was inspired to open Salon Z by her son Zach Douglas, who passed away last July. Darden’s vision is that clients receive their hair and beauty services in a relaxing environment, but also that they leave smiling, because that is what Douglas would have done.

Salon Z offers hair services for men, women, and children, as well as nail services, including: manicures, acrylic nails, gel nails, dip nails, and pedicures. They are currently looking to add skin care services very soon. They have a wide variety of hair products including: Keratherapy, Alurama, Loma, Kenra, and the J. Beverly Hills men’s line. Walk-ins for hair services are welcome, as well as some manicure services. Although dates are preferred. “Come, stop by and say hello. We would love to be your salon of choice,” Darden said.

Shop-O-Rama, located at 112 US Hwy 68, has been a Draffenville staple since 1965, when it opened. The store had been largely intact since it opened, but owners Mitzi and Edwin Donohoo began renovations in 2019 with the addition of a new raised roof. This created a new showcase wall and space for branded panels to be mounted on the front.

As of 2020, construction work was underway to remove and replace sidewalk awnings and the lobby. The store had used tents in the front parking lot for several years to do special sales, and the Donohoos really wanted to have something permanent out front for sales or displays. There are roll-up glass doors which, in good weather, can be opened for better visibility and ventilation.

In early 2021, the new storefront was completed and flags were installed on each column outside. The flooring in the clothing and giftware sections has also been replaced – carpeting has been removed and replaced with loose lay flooring.

Also new to Draffenville:

  • Cafe Dub House
  • Renovation of the Majestic Steakhouse in Popi’s Place
  • The scrub shop
  • Paradise Snow Renovations
  • The yellow umbrella
  • Yates Law Firm
  • Stagecoach Campground
  • Summit Windows and Tub
  • Renovation of Parcell’s and Draffenville pharmacies
  • J&R Pharmacy

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