What is the stoppage of economic development in the free world?

Notice the big events economic booms over the past century and observe the unique role of mobilizing entrepreneurship on such trajectories. For example, the original Silicon Valley of the United States was not a technological or financial revolution, but the mobilization of an entrepreneurial journey, long before the term “IT” became popular and “technology” was conceptualized as worthy enough to trade billions while remaining invisible. . Ready-made thinkers came out of their garages, broke old systems, created new alternatives, and changed the world forever. Revolution of entrepreneurs, created by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. The rest is history

Today, some 100 other nations always strive with their own version to become the imitators. The lukewarm failures existing worldwide on the replicas of the “silicon valley” in a way, already speaks volumes. Remember, only measured by entrepreneurship such goals, unless once Mindset Assumptions has correctly understood all this subject already beyond the common narratives about economic growth.

Real economic development still needs methodical advances in mobilizing national entrepreneurship, upgrading and improving SME sectors to quadruple exportability, otherwise growth and productivity will remain stagnant. The big challenges are to quickly embed entrepreneurial thinking and job-creating mindsets into economic development teams. Their current mindset absolutely needs to be improved so that their level of confidence can live up to the global quality, speed and execution demands capable of dealing with the power of global competitive forces.

Nor across the world, for the entire past decade, academia has failed to build the long-awaited Fourth Industrial Revolution, and bureaucracies have failed to digitize, mobilize, and improve SME economies. Where is the entrepreneurial mix in all these equations? What have economic development teams really learned recently? When will they be ready to take their thinking forward and combine their efforts with the right entrepreneurial drivers and mindsets?

When more than 100 nations, speaking of digitalization, are still trying to understand the mobilization of large sectors of their SME economies, with little or no progress, lingering questions arise. Necessity now, some newly mandated activities at every stage of any ongoing economic development. Identify and rearrange the right mindsets, for the right challenges. What worked, lasted for decades, now without results, now ready to be thrown out the window? How long will unlimited currency printing last, how high will inflation go, and how long will recessions last?

The technologically advanced post-pandemic world, The best option is to balance mindsets and bring about change, adapt to the global age demands of productivity and performance, if not accept a change of diaper, surrender to cope to the fragility of life and the limits of the mind. It is not the lack of expertise that is the problem, it is the mindsets unable to recognize such expertise in the first place.

The invisible switch: There is no political power if there is no parallel economic power; after all, there can be no economic power without job-creating entrepreneurial power. Economies without digitalization are like without electricity, economic development without skilled front-line teams like without light bulbs. Study the solutions via Mindset hypothesis

The 4B factor: Four billion on the move; billions displaced due to pandemic, billions replaced due to technology, billions displaced into bad jobs, now a billion on starvation watch. The 4B factor, this mass of digitally connected people now makes it the greatest global force of opinion in the history of time.

World opinion vs national public opinion: Observe how quickly the world has changed, how the ocean of world opinion is now drowning the ponds of national opinion. Notice, the nations are already so intoxicated, rejoicing in the popularity of their own national opinion, while just having an opposing global opinion on the world stage. Study global tidal waves.

Study the agrarian age in the industrial age, later in the computer age, measure how the most talented “cow hands” were suddenly replaced by steam and hydraulics and later the floors full of clerks were replaced by a single computer. Study “How did we get here so suddenly” Source taken from: Naseem Javed, Sunrise, Day One, Year 2000. Published, IABC Communications World, December 1995, Volume 12, Number 11, Article, “Chronology Charts”

Over the centuries, Despite, available as an open book, the government failed to create contractor armies but still succeeded in creating real armies and real fighters. Simply because soldiers trained by sleeping in the forests digging trenches in the rain, but did not train by running through classrooms with water guns or drawing tanks.

Entrepreneurship was neither born in academia nor centered on academia. Let the professors who teach entrepreneurship smash the furniture in protest, their contributions, because theories are only great when they are free, but not at high cost and the creation of student debt. Today, business education is no longer a liability and no longer a real asset. The world has changed, minds have opened up, old systems have closed, new worlds have arisen with new definitions that have shattered to better manage the future.

Go build an airline, put aeronautical engineers and frequent flyers in the cockpits, but leave trained and qualified pilots in the airport halls. Now glued to the radio to hear about a crash, understand the similarity to current financial crashes pending nation by nation. As a test, it is best to check what percentage of job-creating entrepreneurial mindsets mingle with job seeker mindsets of any local and national economic ministry anywhere in the free world.

Save money and grab the solutions: They can quickly upgrade and gain mastery on national entrepreneurship mobilization,learn its pragmatism and common sense deployments in a few months, acquiring digitization, mobilization and, above all, articulating this new advanced thinking through the national agenda. Learn fast, fail fast, rise fast and shine. Study how Expothon deposits these ideas on a global scale.

Today, a ship loaded with some 7,000 economic development officers, representing almost the total of the best teams distributed in the free economies of the world should now take a luxury cruise, relax, relearn, unlearn, because their current mathematics cause serious maladjustments to the creation of basic prosperity for some 100 nations. How quickly can this force of 7,000 people on a luxury cruise be qualified on the national mobilization of SME entrepreneurship?

The difficult questions: The speed with which technology-infused options lead to mobilizations to discover new paths. What economic leadership of free nations can display such transformation or even articulate on such critical issues? What national or global institution is bold enough to confront and debate such challenges? Which economic team is ready to test, explore or try these forbidden subjects? Nevertheless, the world is changing fast and will not stop for anyone.

Seeing the change, it will not be the sudden arrival of the failed Fourth Industrial Revolution; but the surprise arrival of the first industrial revolution of the mind. Explore in depth how the mind opens and responds to issues of creative entrepreneurship, the old dead concept, now replaced by new thinking. Leaving women entrepreneurs behind is another tragedy for any nation. What are some new solutions?

Like today, we no longer tolerate square wheels or rotating dials, or chasing after a form stamped 10 times, through a 10-story building with no elevator. Post-pandemic economic recovery in games of smoke and mirror warfare will no longer tolerate inefficiencies and bureaucracies. Of course, today the ability to face the truth is now seen as an extraordinary strength. Change can be beautiful, once minds are open.

Refusing to face the truth; this is where all the hostility and hatred are reproduced, and where without diversity and tolerance, wars and falsification have declared the common games, this is where humanity has remained secondary, the common good declared wasted , societies destroyed, so who needs economic development, anyway? A new wave of grassroots economic development will emerge while high-level economic development is almost already destroyed. Listen to the sounds of distant gunfire. It will be the five billion connected alpha dreamers who will develop and change the world. The rest is easy

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