Why the energy landscape is critical for Michigan’s economic growth

1. “Having a reliable grid is really important as we look to the future. Today’s grid, not only in Michigan, but across the country, wasn’t designed for the major changes taking place across the energy landscape (ex: renewables, electrification, unprecedented weather), so we need to modernize and evolve the grid to make sure we meet the needs of the future.-Simon Whitelocke

ITC’s investments in the grid have helped to lower electricity costs, improve reliability and safety and provide an increased platform for economic growth.

2. “Electric infrastructure development is highly important, because the continued resiliency of our electric infrastructure is going to be important for the growth that we see in this state.” –Josh Hundt

The automotive and mobility industry is poised for growth because of electric infrastructure development. For example, General Motors’ investment in its Delta and Orion township plants are designed to boost production of electric vehicles, and Ford is making investments in its Corktown facility to support autonomous and electric vehicle research and development.

3. “We’re an extremely international region and state — the Detroit region has over 1,400 international companies that invest and create jobs here and are part of our ecosystem.” –Maureen Krauss

The Michigan region is a prime location for businesses due to its abundant talent market; over half of the Detroit Regional Partnership’s work is focused on bringing international investment into the area. The DRP also has connections to non-traditional sources of talent and works closely with local educational institutions.

4. “As we’re looking at our planning, the clean energy solutions that we’re bringing are actually the lowest cost solutions.” –Brian Rich

The goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions on Michigan’s electric system by 2040 will lead to lower costs overall for customers, saving nearly $600 million along the way.

5.”This year, we are beginning on an ambitious capital plan geared towards maintaining reliability for today – and dealing with the growth that’s coming at us tomorrow. These projects provide the foundation for long-term success and will ensure we have safe, affordable and reliable electricity that contributes to economic growth here in Michigan.” –Simon Whitelocke

The MEDC, the Detroit Regional Partnership, Consumers Energy and ITC are dedicated to Michigan’s prosperity. These organizations bring the key ingredients for the state’s economic growth to the table: electric infrastructure development, business development resources and viable renewable energy plans.

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